Draftables: A Living, Breathing Digital Sports World

Draftables is an American football management simulator and empire builder that combines strategic gameplay with real asset ownership, enabling players to build, compete, and thrive in a dynamic digital sports ecosystem.

Draftables merges the strategic depth of football management with the innovative technology of the Avalanche blockchain, creating a unique experience that's playable on desktop and mobile platforms. The game empowers users to own and manage their own digital football franchise, where every decision impacts their success in a competitive virtual ecosystem. By coaching digital athletes, competing in PVP matches, and trading assets, players engage in a gameplay experience where strategy and blockchain utility collide. Draftables stands at the forefront of digital sports management, offering a gameplay experience that rewards skill, strategy, and engagement.

Gameplay Experience

Train & manage: Build your roster by scouting new athletes, trading on the open market, and earning them through gameplay challenges. Train your team's athletes and develop them to their full potential in your franchise's gyms and training centers.

Compete: Play against friends, CPU, or in ranked gameplay for increasing rewards as the season progresses. Every match has an impact on your athletes, your fandom, and your earnings, so make sure you're prepared!

Build: Utilize your in-game currency to improve your team: improve your stadium, build new facilities, purchase new equipment for your athletes, and more. Engaging in the in-game marketplace is also a good way to leverage your time spent improving your franchise. Alternatively, purchase in-game assets from other users to improve your team immediately!

Fast-paced gameplay: Draftables is fast-paced, unlike other sports video games. Games take less than 5 minutes to complete. Sending your athletes to training is just a simple click of a button.

Quick interaction & instant reward: Competing in matches isn't the only way to earn in-game rewards -- claim your ticket sales from your front office every few hours, complete daily and weekly challenges for unique prizes, or stake your currency for a steady in-game income.

Community: Community is a core aspect of Draftables that helps create unparalleled immersion for every franchise owner.

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